Sit ups would NEVER get rid of belly fat ; i will show you what will

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Thank you very much Dr , you have shown me a ”stationary” weight loss mechanism ; i love it :

it was initially tasking but fulfilling ; i have toned my belly , my arms , i get all the commendation from friends

Thanks a million

Elizabeth Mkpeje

Hello Dear Friend ,

it’s almost appalling to see someone :who lives in the illusion he has reduced his belly fat : wear tightly fitting clothing :

I don’t know if your observational prowess has caught up with that ?

Well, the fellow is most times , ”confronted” by friends who demand a reduction in belly fat before such trendy wears are spotted on >>

Why would he live in such an illusion that he now has a flat belly ?

He has been indulging in spot reduction — Sit-ups and crunches

Sit -ups is by far the most common exercise modality known .

This popularity stems from the ever burning desire to get rid of that ”extra weight” known as ”pot belly”

(belly fat) fast and naturally .

People have tried all sorts and the merchants have made handsome figures from the unsuspecting public .

Why would sit-ups not work to produce a Fast and Natural belly fat reduction ?

Sit-ups are typical examples of spot-reduction of fat .

Spot reduction has never worked to ensure a natural and fast belly fat loss and weight loss

Losing weight naturally and fast requires a holistic approach .

Sit -ups CAN strengthen the core abdominal muscles ; if done consistently ,if the fellow hasn’t developed hernia by then .

That ”good deed ” is blunted by the presence of white fat on top of the muscles ;

Failure to observe the principles of effective , natural and sustainable weight loss leads to the accumulation of more fat cells on the abdominal muscles

In simple terms , more fat cells would develop and by extension more ”pot belly”

What do you need to do for sit ups to work for you ?

Engage sit ups as part of the whole package
Practice the plank in place of the sit-up most times .
This redistributes fat cells away from the trunk
Strengthens butt muscles , works the entire body to a fat burning furnace
Encourage more redistribution of white fat and conversion to brown fat(which is thermogenic)
Initially practice a caloric deficit and gradually progress to maintenance caloric intake

See more effective replacement for the sit up ; ensuring faster Natural weight loss,and belly fat reduction

Yours in fat loss

Dr Maduako

PS : Tell me what your abdominal circumference..

is now and we would work together to get it down ; type in your comments below

use the tape and go across the abdomen using the umbilicus ( navel ) as a pivot /landmark .

What has been your sit-up experience ?

type in your comments below .


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