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Help you lose weight and most importantly , maintain it .

We know you have tried all you could to lose that belly fat ,

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*‘’Good morning Dr, I must confess that u are a God sent, this issue of fat belly and how to get rid of it has been my top priority as long as healthy living is concern, someone once said that a protruding tommy is not a sign of “big man” but rather a toxic over load, and to me that is absolutely correct. I just weighed myself and saw I lost 15kg in just over 3 weeks I started out with the programme.Kindly enroll me for another’’
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Onyema Peter



*‘’I want to thank u very much 4 ur training on Tommy blasting I was 95kg before but after the 21 days my weight dropped to 70kg my name is Mary mashat I live at tudun wada Jos plateau state. Thanks l need more of e training pls’’.

 Mary Mashat